Discover the driest desert in the world!

Come to see the 40 thousand Pink Flamingos which stained the high lands of Atacama Andes Range. Enjoy Breath- taking emerald lagoons embedded among high summits of 18000 ft and the amazing geysers steaming every morning. Get immerse in tiny picturesque villages and endless salt flats; visit places like Moon and Marte Valley and have the feeling of being in another planet.  Be amazed by the clearest world sky and the most wonderful starry night you have ever seen while you enjoy the magic silence.

This place is so unique that some tourist choose to stay there for the rest of their lifes!

Highlights: Geysers of Tatio / best sky in the world to see stars / pink flamingos over huge salt flats /Moon and Marte Valley / Cactus Valley / Tara Flat Salt and so on.

Options: ask for an extended itinerary to Uyuni

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San Pedro de Atacama, Atacama, Chile


Easy. Suitable for any person

Duration of the tour

4 days with hotel accommodation. Morning and afternoon activities. Free afternoon on day 4.

Time of transport

2 hours of flight from Santiago to Calama. 1,5 hours of transport Calama to San Pedro by Car


Year round.


Physical and medical condition must be compatible with activities (When in doubt, please ask).

Day 1: Moon Valley

Morning Flight to Calama (2 hours of flight from Santiago) / Lunch at recommended restaurant / Afternoon at Moon Valley

Located in the Salt Mountain Range (Cordillera de la Sal) is an area of different  stone and sand formation, full of colours and textures, as a result of millennial wind and water erosion. You are going to see natural salt sculptures and a range of caves. We cross the park by car performing short hikings inside the valley to the highlights.

To finish the day we will see the magic sunset over the Andes with amazing colours.

  • Transport by car: 11 miles
  • Tour duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Hiking difficulty: composed by several short wakings of easy level

Day 2:

Morning: Cactus Valley & Puritama Hotsprings

We are going to start our trip in Quebrada de Guatin, where we can take contact with the wildlife. We will walk by a great canyon with giant ancient Cactus of 7 meters height. Then we will drive to beautiful Putitama Hot Springs. It' has a volcanic origin with healthy and restorative waters with a temperature around 89ºF

  • Transport by car: 15 miles
  • Hiking duration: 1 hours
  • Hiking difficulty: intermediate. This hiking is optional.
  • Max Altitude: 7300 ft

Afternoon: Toconao, Chaxsa Lagoon and Atacama Salt Flat

Chaxa Lagoon is a must if you like wildlife. You will be in Flamingos National Reserve and of course you will have the opportunity to see different types very close, like Andean, Chilean and James Flamingo. The landscape is gorgeous specially at the sunset with wide views of the desert and the Atacama Salt, the place with the biggest reserve of lithium in the world. On the way back will pass by Toconao known by its Andean traditional architecture and the beautiful green Jeré Brook with amazing contrast with the arid landscape

  • Transport by car: 46 miles
  • Activity duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: very easy. Just some soft and short scenic flat wakings.

Day 3: Tara Salt Flat

During the morning we will leave toward the mountain range taking the international road that connects us with Argentina through the Paso Jama, we will pass by a vega originated by the rio Quepiaco, in this place we will enjoy the beautiful contrast between the mountain range and the vegetation that turns this area into an habitat of different birds as flamencos, Taguas and Ducks. We will continue to the Monjes de la Pacana Monks of the Pecan, remains of volcanic sediment eroded by the wind and the water are the faithful testimony of large eruptions over millions of years ago, despite this environment is generous and allows us to enjoy despite the weather, in a landscape of great beauty. We end up in the Salar de Tara Salt Flat Tara, visitors say it is one of the most beautiful places among the attractions of San Pedro de Atacama, we will make a short walk along the cathedrals, the Salt Lake rich in flora and fauna and we will enjoy the silence and tranquillity in these times, hard to find.

  • Transport by car: 66 miles
  • Tour duration: 7 hours
  • Difficulty: easy short walkings but take care about the altitude.
  • Max Altitude: 12600 ft

Day 4: Tatio Geysers and Machuca Village

We'll start our trip at dawn to geysers del Tatio (12.000 ft). A nice breakfast is going to be waiting for us in the geothermic centre before to see the geysers and colourful streams. Then we'll continue to Machuca Town where the highlights we'll be the architecture of the old church and the wildlife. Also you'll have the opportunity to taste the classic Chilean Empanada and skewers of Llama meat (typical food). On the way back we are going to enjoy a wide range of wildlife.

  • Lunch at San Pedro
  • Free evening
  • Transport by car: 53 miles
  • Tour duration: 7 hours
  • Difficulty: easy short walkings but take care about the altitude.
  • Max Altitude: 12000 ft

Warning: This activity could include hiking in irregular terrain, driving by land roads, sudden changes of weather, walk under strong sun.

What's included

    • Private tours (just your group with the guide)
    • 3 to 4 stars hotel
    • Flights Santiago / Calama / Santiago
    • Private transport between all the points (Incude Pick up / drop off from and to airport)
    • Personal Guide
    • Breakfast
    • Snack during the tours. Breakfast at Geysers of Tatio
    • Fee parks and activities
    • First Aid Kit

What's not included

  • Personal Insurance
  • Meals. Except snacks during activities and Breakfast at El Tatio

What to bring:

  • Sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • Sun hat
  • Wool hat
  • Buff
  • Swimming suit
  • Some clothes for warm temperatures some for cold weather. San Pedro has very high difference of temperature between day and night. Also some trips are higher in the mountains.

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