Enjoy two days of hiking in the middle of the Andes, with stunning views to different glaciers. At night, take pleasure in nice hot springs in the middle of the mountains and delight with the starry night and shooting stars. You will be hiking in very scenic andean valleys and able to see different glaciers an andean lagoons with icebergs

Highlights: hanging ice at 21.000 ft / lagoon and icebergs / hot springs / amazing rock walls  / San José Volcano

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Santiago, Cajon del Maipo, Chile



Hiking time

Day 1: Uphill: 3 hours / Downhill: 2 hours / Round trip: 5  hours Day 2: Uphill: 3 hours / Downhill: 2 hours / Round Trip: 5 hours

Transportation time

Day 1: 2 hours of transportation on the car from Santiago to the beginning of the path + 40 minutes to the hotsprings and campsite at the evening Day 2: 30 minutes of transportation from the hotsprings to the beginning of the path + 2,5 hours of transportatation back to Santiago at the evening.

Technical data

Day 1: Lenght: 10 miles (round trip) / Ramp: 1720 ft / Top of the path: 8.400 ft Day 2: Lenght: 8.6 miles (round trip) / Ramp: 2130 ft / Top of the path: 10170 ft.


October to june, if the path is snow caped the hiking could be longer and the company will provide snowshoes or alpine touring skis according with the passengers preference. *Use of alpine touring skis has an extra charge.


Age of participants must be between 14 and 75 years old. Physical and medical condition must be compatible with activity (When in doubt, please ask).

The times on the itinerary below are an approximation of the schedule. These times could vary depending on weather and the speed of your group. A more accurate pick -up time will delivered once we receive your pick -up address obtained through the booking process.

Day 1: Morado Natural Monument & Hot Springs

Cajon del Maipo is the backyard of Santiago, a narrow valley sourranded by big mountains with amazing glaciers and great places to hike, ski and climb. The adventure starts over our transport when we start getting deep and deep into the mountains. You will be able to see stuning views of Maipo River and hundred of gorgeaus peaks.

The hiking starts at Baños Morales Village, a lonely town with a few houses and sourranded by spectacular mounts. As we head into the valley we will be amazed by the views of the big rock walls and spring waters walking along the Morales creek.

We will arrive to the Morales Pond lookout where we´ll see the stunning snowy mountains and San Francisco Glacier.

Day 2: Morado Lagoon & Glacier

We´ll get into the Maipo mountain valley. Views of high peaks and Maipo river from our 4x4 truck will delight you.Part of the road is a land road with stunning views.

Hiking begins between huge rock walls of Arenas Mount. We will follow the trail, along the river, and crossing several moraines.

At the top of the path you will reach the great lookout of Morado Lagoon and Glacier. Enjoy your snack watching icebergs and walls of ice.

You will be able to walk around the lagoon and see the ice wall over the water.

Warning: This activity could include hiking in irregular terrain, driving by  land roads, sudden changes of weather, walk under strong sun.

What's included

  • Private transportation between all the points.
  • Guides: 1 each 4 clients
  • Hiking poles, tents, cooking set, and dinning stuff
  • Lunch Box (isotonic juice, granola or energy bars, sandwich, fruits, cookies, chocolate)
  • Park fee
  • First aid kit
  • VHF Radio and Satelital Phone

What's not included

  • Personal Clothing (please check "Gear")
  • Small backpack, sleeping bag and sleeping pad (this items are available for rent)
  • Personal Insurance

What to bring:

Please click over the green link to see: Check list equipment spring -summer 2 days

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