Create your own adventure in Easter Island, Sky is the limit!!

Tell us:

  1. How many days do you want to spend in Patagonia
  2. What kind of accommodation do you expect
  3. Number of people in your party
  4. Focus: pictures, hiking, horseback riding, ski, or anything you have in mind
  5. Intensity / Level


Discover the most remote island in the world!

Rapa Nui’s mysterious moai statues stand in silence but speak volumes about the achievements of their creators. The stone blocks, carved into head-and-torso figures, average 13 feet (4 meters) tall and 14 tons. The effort to construct these monuments and move them around the island must have been considerable—but no one knows exactly why the Rapa Nui people undertook such a task…

Enjoy polinesian dance show, wonderfull susnets, practice scuba diving, visit the breath-taking Moais Statues, their caves, or enjoy amazing polineasian beaches, stand at the border of Terevaca Volcano and much more.



Easter Island, Valparaiso Region, Chile


You choose it! Will depend of what activities you choose. Most of the activities in Easter are suitable for eny person. We encourage to choose the level of the weakest member of the group

Duration of the tour

You choose how long the adventure will last.

Time of transport

5,5 hours of flight from Santiago to Rapanui


Year round.


Physical and medical condition must be compatible with activities (When in doubt, please ask).

Tell us how do you dream your perfect itinerary in Easter Island and we will perform the best schedule for you.

What’s included

Normally we include the following items, but according to your requirements we will include all the necessary for the perfect trip

  • Private tours (just your group with the guide)
  • Hotel / Hostal
  • Private transport between all the points (Incude Pick up / drop off from and to airport)
  • Personal Local Guide
  • Breakfast
  • Snack during the tours
  • Fee parks and activities
  • First Aid Kit

What to bring:

Rates will depends of the itinerary you will create. Our staff will make a quotation with your requirements. Please go to “Enquire Now” or write us to contacto@andesexplora.com