Explore our different packages, and have a great ski day experience at the exclusive La Parva Ski Resort!

At just 60 minutes from the Santiago you will found the biggest ski area in the south hemisphere. Amazing andean landscapes, dry snow, restaurants and pubs are waiting for you.

There’s 4 little ski villages with their own ski resorts: La Parva, El Colorado, Farellones and Valle Nevado.

Highlights: Biggest ski area in the south hemisphere / 60 minutes from Santiago / all skill levels.


a) If you don’t want to ski, we recommend you take our snowshoeing hike close to the ski area.

b) Once you have taken this tour, we recommend you visit the Chilean Vineyards with us. Go around the vineyard in a short horseback trip, visit the cellars and taste awesome different grapes at the club house. More info about this tour, please press here: Casablanca Vineyard Valley



Chile, Santiago, Lo Barnechea, La Parva

Transportation time

1 hour by car from Santiago to La Parva Ski Resort.


Winter activity: from June to September (The rest of the year we offer hiking on this area).


Age of participants must be between 7 and 75 years old. Physical and medical condition must be compatible with activity (When in doubt, please ask).

The times on the itinerary below are an approximation of the schedule. These times could vary depending on weather and the speed of your group. A more accurate pick -up time will delivered once we receive your pick -up address obtained through the booking process.

8:00 Departure from your hotel or meeting point in Santiago.

9:00 Arrrival to La Parva Ski Resort. Will stop in the rental store, in order to give you all the stuff required

9:30 Ski day starts. Check “Ski Packs” for more details.

17:00 Back to the rental store.

17:30 Back in our transport

19:00 Back in your hotel or meeting point

Warning: The acces road to the ski resorts area has lots of switchbacks. This activity could include sudden changes of weather and/or skiing under strong sun.

Choose the best Ski Pack for you in La Parva Ski Resort!

Pack 1: Enjoy an exclusive ski resort

Transport + Equipment rental + Full day ski resort ticket

Pack 2: Learning to ski

Transport + Equipment rental + Beginner lifts ticket + 2 hour group lesson

Pack 3: Improve your skills

Transport + Equipment rental + Full day ski resort ticket + Half day private class

Pack 4: Master of the mountain

Transport + Equipment rental + Full day ski resort ticket + Full day private class


Transport = Hotel to ski resort / Ski resort to your hotel

Equipment rental = skis + ski poles + boots//snowboard + boots

Half day private class = mid day finish at 1:00 PM

What’s not included

  • Personal Clothing (Please check “Gear” and ask for rental)
  • Personal Insurance
  • Lunch at the ski resorts

What to bring:

  • Ski jacket
  • Ski pants
  • Googles or Sun glasses
  • Wool hat or similar
  • Sunscreen / Lipbalm
  • Snow gloves
  • Balaclava / Neck gator

*Rental is available in some items. If we don´t have it available we will stop at a rental store on the way so you have everything you need.