Come to live an unforgettable sea kayaking adventure!

In this challenge we will cross the Pirehueico Lake, a narrow and long stretch of water surrounded by millenary native forests. No speed boats, no tourists, only you, your kayak and nature.

Pirehueico was created by a huge glacier 20.000 years ago. The glacier melted and created the lake. We will camp at the Termas del Lago Hot springs, were we will enjoy a nice BBQ with a tasty Chilean wine.

In native language (Mapudungun) Pirihueico means snow lagoon.

Highlights: easy paddle between millenial lush forest / hotsprings / BBQ / waterfalls / birdwatching

Options: ask for a 4 day trip crossing the Andes to Lacar Lake in Argentina.

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Chile/ Los Ríos District / Valdivia Airport / Panguipulli Town



Paddling time

Day 1: 3 hours / Day 2: 3 hours

Transportation time

1,5 hours of transportation on the car from Panguipulli Town to the starting point of the trip.

Technical data

Miles covered each day (based in nautical miles): Day 1: 7.6 / Day 2: 6.2


September to April


Age of participants must be between 14 to 65 years old. Physical and medical condition must be compatible with activity (When in doubt, please ask). Know how to swim. Previous sea kayaking experience is not required.

The times on the itinerary below are an approximation of the schedule. These times could vary depending on weather and the speed of your group. A more accurate pick -up time will delivered once we receive your pick -up address obtained through the booking process.

Day 1: The three bays!

Pucón /Panguipulli - Puerto Fuy - Hotsprings

This day we will paddle through the fabulous three bays that create the first half of the lake. You will be amaze by the dense and millenary forests and the steep walls cover in vegetation that falls straight to the water. At the end of the journey a warm bath will be waiting for you at our camp by the hot springs.

Day 2: The shallows

Hotsprings - Puerto Pirehueico

We will wake up with amazing views of the lake. High peaks on the horizon, cover in snow depending on the season. The clear waters will allow us to sea the sunken logs and the lake bottom. At the end we will have the opportunity of paddling up a narrow river through  amazing native forest.


  • This activity could include paddling in windy conditions as well choppy water, driving by land roads, sudden changes of weather. 
  • Schedule may change due to worsening in weather.
  • Guides have the last call in critical decisions and required cooperation of every client.
  • Paddling hours are estimates based on the average client and will depend on the strength of the group and the climate conditions.
  • Guides are at your service, but cooperation will be needed in group tasks such as camp building, cooking and kayak carrying.

What's included

  • Private transportation from Pucón or Panguipulli Town.
  • Complete sea kayak gear: kayak, paddle, life jacket, dry bags, spray skirt, bilge pump
  • 2 Guides trained in sea kayaking and with first aid
  • Every breakfast, snack and meal needed during the trip.
  • BBQ at Hotsprings
  • Ferry from Puerto Pirehueico to Puerto Fuy
  • Hotspring and camp fees.
  • First aid kit
  • VHF Radio and Satelital Phone

What's not included

  • Transport to Pucón or Panguipulli
  • Personal Clothing (Please check "Gear")
  • Personal Insurance
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad (rental available)

What to bring:

Recommended personal gear list aquí (Ask for english version). Rental available in sleeping bag, sleeping pad and some other items.

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