“We will not pioneers ourselves, but we will journey over old trails that will be new for you, and with hearts open.
Who shall distinguish?”

J. Monroe Thoringthon

In Andes Explora we are focused in the present moment, enjoying every step on the mountains or every paddle at the water. For us, the geographic goals are only a excuse to go back to basics, to the simplicity. We believe that when we get out of our comfort zone is when we learn more about ourself and the world around us.

Our Mission: Generate a meaningful experience through a close contact with the wilderness.

Our Vision: Help to develop Chilean tourism in order to: deliver values to the society through the sport and outdoor life, create employment mainly in local communities and achieve a better environmental protection of the Chilean landscapes.

Our values: Balance, quality, kindness, team work, environmental sustainability, flexible jobs.


Develop the managing of the company and also works like guide in kayaking, hiking and skiing trips. Is an attorney-at-law and graduate of Los Andes University, with a diploma in enviromental law. He was granted a scholarship by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). Alumni of the course: Patagonia Year. Leave No Trace Master. Certificated Wilderness First Responder (WOFER). Authorized Chilean boat sailing (Patrón de Bahía). In his free time practice, mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and free ride skiing. Today, he is completely dedicated to his passion, Andes Explora.

Graduated in Business Administration at Universidad Catolica. He was granted a scholarship by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) for the course: Semester in Patagonia, 2012. Certificated as Leave No Trace Trainer, Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR. Tomás is also one of the best freeride/freestyle snowboarders in Chile and a passionate in hiking, climbing and kayaking. Today fully dedicated to his passion in outdoor and sports at Andes Explora.


Graduted in Eco-tourism Companies Administration. He loves hiking and soccer and most of all helping you plan your next adventure!

Graduated in Eco-tourism Companies Administration. Nicolás is our most active guide. He perform the 80% of our trips. Kind and proactive, he is always looking for what it’s needed in every group. He has a great knowledge on flora, fauna, geography and local cultures. Nicolas always bring us great reviews from our passengers. He loves apnea diving, rock climbing, mountaineering, ski, ocean kayak  and mountain biking.


Organizational Psychologist at the Universidad del Pacífico. He works as a teacher and in the development of the programs. He has performed Team Building and Leadership programs for a variety of companies with a main focus in group cohesion, including motivation and pro activity. He practice rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering, including that experience in the management of the outdoor programs.

Explorer and climber motivated by new experiences in nature. Qualified in Adventure Tourism of INACAP. His passion is to travel and see as many places as possible. He has climbed some of the famous Chilean summits, such as: Shark Fin, North Tower (Torres del Paine), Mount Plomo, San José de Maipo Volcano, San Ramon, Province, Lion’s Den, Painter,  Volcanoes Laskar and Putana, in addition to several peaks of Chilean Patagonia and Central Chile. Skilled in Climbing sport and traditional, Mountaineering, Mountain Bike and Snowboard



Engineer in Expeditions and Ecotourism . TSS (Technical Safety and Survival), WFR (Wilderness First Responder), Sport and Traditional – Artificial Climbing Course, PADI Open Water, Photography and Audiovisual Course, FUGA Driver Course, Leadership Course, Bay Pattern, Swift Water Rescue Level 3 High Mountain Course, Kayaking and Rafting course, Ski Mountain Course. He has climbed: El Plomo (5,425 m), Pintor (4,180 masl), El Retumbadero (3,825 masl), Devil’s Teeth (3,943 m), Ojos del Salado Volcano (6893 masl), Zero Vicuña (6,067 masl), Maricunga (4,900 masl), Tres Hermanos (4,600 m) San Jose Volcano North Summit (5750 m) Maipo Volcano (4,900 m), El Morado (4,600 m), Lonquimay Volcano (2,865 meters) .